#80: On Neuro-AI with Klas Pettersen, Hanne Stensola, Solve Sæbø and Anders Dale  

Neuro-AI denotes the field at the interface between artificial neuroscience (AI) and neuroscience.

At a conference hosted by the Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium (NORA),  in Tromsø in June 2023 I hosted a panel debate on the topic, that is, on how neuroscience can inspire AI and the other way around.

The panel consisted of two computational neuroscientists (KP, AD), an experimental neuroscientist (HS) and a statistician (SS). 


  • Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium (NORA)
  • Zador et al: “Towards Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence: Catalyzing the NeuroAI Revolution”
  • Nichele, Sæbø, Pettersen, Lepperød: “NeuroAI – A strategic opportunity for Norway and Europe”
  • The podcast was recorded on June 5th 2023 and lasts 52 minutes.

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