Sense and Science

The goal of the podcast “Sense and Science” is to discuss ideas and science.

The starting point is often, but not always, popular science books that deal with nature or society where the author and I discuss the topic.

And here the goal is not to win the debate, but to use discussion as a means of clarifying topics for ourselves and listeners.

«Sense and Science» is a collection of the English podcasts in the (generally) Norwegian podcast “Vett og vitenskap” (

Podcast #6: On neuro-AI – with Klas Pettersen, Hanne Stensola, Solve Sæbø and Anders Dale (0:52)

Podcast #5: On consciousness – with Christof Koch (2:04)

Podcast #4: On quantum biology – with Johnjoe McFadden (1:16)

Podcast #3: On the physics world view and the interpretation of quantum mechanics – with Sean Carroll (1:17)

Podcast #2: On AI and the underlying algorithms – with Terrence Sejnowski (1:53)

Podcast #1: Sense and Science with Gaute Einevoll (0:05)